Are You Giving Enough for a Pizza Delivery Tip?

28, Jul 2013

Tipping has become as common as apple pie in the USA that some might say that giving zero tip is totally rude. While giving tips is an established practice, however, the amount of pizza delivery tip that must be given still boggles the mind of consumers and continue to be a very hot topic.


3 Factors to Consider When Tipping Your Pizza Delivery Guy

A controversial issue in the pizza world cropped up last March. In that specific incident—which got people raising their eyebrows in disbelief and arguing over tipping etiquette—a group that ordered almost $1500 worth of pizzas gave a measly tip of $10. The unbelievable discrepancy between the full cost of the order and the tip made people flip tables in a fit of rage. Although, some argued that the amount of tip shown might not exactly be a true representation of what the delivery person received.

Regardless of what really transpired at that time, however, all the hullabaloo boils down to just one issue. That is, how much should you give for a pizza delivery tip? We at Big Mama’s and Papa’s believe that your tip must be based on three crucial factors:


Pizza joints, and any eateries offering delivery for that matter, generally limit deliveries within a specified area. If you live at the outskirts of this area or beyond it, then you might want to consider giving a little more generous pizza delivery tip. You should also think about the roads that the delivery person has to go through. If there are construction sites that must be passed, detours to be taken, and high slopes to conquer, then it will be considerate to give better tips.


Strong wind, heavy rain, and thick snow can’t discourage a passionate person from bringing your order safe and sound to your home. Do show your appreciation for the deliverer’s effort and dedication by giving sufficient pizza delivery tip. The more inclement the weather is, the more we advice that you give handsome tips.



While it might not necessarily be a herculean task to deliver bulk pizza orders with cars and vans, you have to remember that the delivery process isn’t just about driving a vehicle. There are also the parts where the delivery person assemble your order, load the items to the car, and carry them from the car to your doorstep. If your order is really big, it might require several trips to and from the pizza parlor, which consumes more time and effort. So the bigger and more varied your order is, the more you ought to consider giving higher tips.


Giving a pizza delivery tip is a way for you to show your thanks for a job well done. If your order came on time, with no mistakes on the items included, and the delivery guy or girl did his best to answer any and all queries you might have, then show your appreciation by rewarding the deliverer with a nice delivery tip.


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